The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

EcoCult is a curious, thoughtful, science-based view into the international sustainable fashion industry.

It’s a fact widely acknowledged that most of the information you read about sustainable fashion is wrong.

Sometimes this bad information is spread intentionally through greenwashing campaigns trying to sell you something. Sometimes it’s unintentionally spread through the copy-pasting of factoids by well-meaning bloggers, writers, and influencers. Sometimes it’s both.

I’m Alden Wicker, journalist, sustainable fashion expert, and recovering influencer. I started EcoCult in 2013 because there were almost no publications willing to talk honestly about what fashion is doing to the planet and people. A lot has changed since then. Everybody — from the most glamorous influencers and celebrities to the glossiest fashion magazines and even government officials — is talking about how we need to completely reform the global fashion industry. And yet, it’s still hard to find reliable, honest, science-based advice about how to reduce your wardrobe’s impact on the planet.

That’s where EcoCult comes in. This website has grown from the passion project of one woman to an internationally respected information hub with a half-dozen regular contributors. We write about the big ideas and issues at the collision of our innate desire to feel confident and beautiful, and our hopes for a better world. We’re here to find the truth (whatever that is today in the fast-moving fashion industry) and share it with you so you can be a better consumer, activist, and professional.

We rely on our readers to survive and thrive. Do you have a question that needs answering, or have you found something on Ecocult that needs correcting? We would love to hear how we can help you change the fashion world for the better! Please get in touch here.


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