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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The Best Non-Toxic and Sustainable Dog Jackets

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When the cold weather comes knocking on your door, you reach for your favorite winter jackets, hats, and scarves. Your dog’s lack of opposable thumbs means he might have a more difficult time bundling up for the season, but there are lots of sustainable options to keep your precious dogs warm this winter. 

The pet industry produces around 300 million pounds of plastic waste every year in the United States alone, exclusively in treat and food packaging. While it hasn’t been measured, when you factor in accessories like leashes, toys, and dog clothing, you can imagine just how big of an impact being a proud dog parent can have on the ocean and in landfills.

Many dog jackets are made with synthetic dyes, polyesters, and other fabrics that produce toxin-laden microplastics, which can leave toxic residues and dust on your floors, where your dogs walk, play, and sleep and (let’s be honest) lick dropped food off of. By looking for dog accessories like jackets, coats, and cute sweaters that are made sustainably, you’re not only helping reduce waste in the pet industry but also making better decisions for your pet’s health. Opt for brands that produce Fido’s fluffy sweaters from organic or recycled materials, such as sustainable wool, recycled PET fabrics, bamboo, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. (Note that sometimes, even in the more sustainable options, synthetics do show up in some of the components of a dog jacket, such as buckles, straps, and velcro.

Of course, the most sustainable thing is to not buy anything at all. And according to American Kennel Club, only short-hair and hairless breeds, toy breeds, and thin or short breeds need some extra help staying warm out in the cold. Skip the extra layer if your dog has a thick or long coat of fur, as extra layers can induce tangling and matting, which is very uncomfortable for your furry best friend.

To help you find the best sustainable jacket options for your dog, we rounded up a few of our favorite brands that produce nontoxic and sustainable dog jackets.

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1. Elanor

What we love: This Canadian brand produces high-quality and sustainable 100% upcycled dog jackets from production scraps, including wool fabrics. Its jackets are fitted to more specific size proportions than other brands, for dogs that are all types of tall, short, and uniquely in between. Elanor offers jackets and capes along with dog blankets, which are perfect for those chilly nights by the fire. 

Price range: $84 per jacket


2. Wag & Wool

What we love: Matching family sweaters are one thing, but matching sweaters with your dog is a whole new level of style. And they are both made from renewable and 100% biodegradable lambswool. Its labels are made from recycled cotton to further reduce waste in production. The brand offers knit puppy jumpers and jackets, as well as matching human sweaters and scarves. 

Watch out for: Despite the brand’s claim to 100% Hinchcliffe Lambswool, there are no actual certifications listed on the website to confirm that its products are Responsible Wool Standard-certified, nor does it disclose its dyeing process, but does state that its wool is handspun from lambswool. 

Price range: $90 to $123, ranging from single jackets to matching sets


3. Bonne et Filou

What we love: Made from recycled plastics like nylon fish nets, Bonne et Filou offers weatherproof jackets with reflective zippers for your dog for a walk in the rain. The brand says its jackets are not movement-restricting and fit a wide range of different dog breeds and sizes. The jackets are 100% made in Ukraine, with proceeds going to help save the displaced pets in the country. 

Watch out for: Some products feature water-resistant features and reflective stripping for visibility, but the brand doesn’t say what these materials are made from. Performance fabrics can often contain harmful chemicals like PFAS.

Price range: $60 per jacket


4. Our Green House

What we love: Our Green House features handmade eco-friendly dog jackets made from recycled polyester, wool, and alpaca wool, as well as bamboo sweaters that are machine-washable. The brand is women-owned and partners with Just Cause, giving back a portion of every gift basket to a Just Cause charity. It offers a variety of different dog robes, sweaters, jackets, and raincoats, so you can build your dog her own wardrobe.

Watch out for: This brand uses some recycled polyester products in waterproof options, which is more sustainable than virgin but is no panacea For waterproof jackets, there are no details regarding what makes them waterproof, and that is often achieved with harmful chemicals like PFAS.

Price range: $42 to $50 ranging from hoodies to rainjackets


5. The Long Dog Clothing Company

What we love: Named for its inspiration to create clothing to fit all dogs, The Long Dog Clothing Company offers just that: organic cotton jackets for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The unique jackets made from Okeo-Tex-certified fabrics are shipped to your door in EcoEnclose packaging that is both recycled and recyclable. Its online shop is packed with raincoats, sweaters, and hoodies that are well-suited for extra-long breeds. 

Watch out for: The description of the fabrics of some products is vague. For waterproof jackets, there are no details regarding what makes them waterproof, and that is often achieved with harmful chemicals like PFAS.

Price range: $50 to $65 depending on material and pattern





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